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Nike’s “Write The Future” World Cup Commercial

World Cup 2010

So it’s a Nike ad… but hey it’s getting me amped for the World Cup (as if I need a commercial to get me excited). But the video is awesome and is foreshadowing for some goosebumps from South Africa. We are now officially under 21 days until the Cup begins. Scarves Up fans…


Awkward Exchange Between Agassi and Sampras

I know this is a few days old but this was too good for me not to post.  Some of us can recall the epic battles between Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.  Both are legends of tennis.  Pete Sampras is one of my all-time favorite sports athletes.  I recall a moment during the U.S. Open where Sampras was puking in the middle of a match, but ended up victorious.  And who can forget Agassi’s Canon Rebel commercials (peep the hair)?

Last Friday Sampras teamed up with Roger Federer (another favorite of mine) and Agassi with Rafael Nadal to take part in for the Hit for Haiti charity fundraiser at the BNP Paribas Open.  During the one-set doubles match, tied at 4 games a piece one an entertaining exchange between Agassi and Sampras ensued.  It was probably a riot for outside observer, but I’m sure Federer and Nadal (rivals in their own right) where feeling a bit awkward.

The exchanged stemmed from a quip Agassi wrote in his new book which all but called out Sampras for being a bad tipper.  Sampras’ reaction was pretty priceless and his following serve helped to ease the tension on the court.  Though I’m sure he’s still a bit bothered that Agassi put him on blast… again.

Here is the video: