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Nike’s “Write The Future” World Cup Commercial

World Cup 2010

So it’s a Nike ad… but hey it’s getting me amped for the World Cup (as if I need a commercial to get me excited). But the video is awesome and is foreshadowing for some goosebumps from South Africa. We are now officially under 21 days until the Cup begins. Scarves Up fans…


Earl and Tiger: Father and son, respect…

Tiger and Earl Woods

If you’ve been following my blog you know I’m a commercial enthusiast. Most of the commercials that I appreciate are comedic. But there are two commercials that never cease to give me goosebumps. These two Nike commercials with Tiger Woods and his late father Earl Woods resonate with me like no other advertisement or commercial. Seriously I get goosebumps EVERY time I watch them.

I’ve said my peace about Tiger before on this blog and I commended this press conference on Monday. But to understand these commercials you must understand a bit of who I am. Many of us have had heroes, figures that we respect and have made us into the people we are. While I give so much respect to my mother for her patience, it is my father is my hero. It is my father out of everyone in this world who has had a hand in shaping me, that I look up to the most. Though I may have passed him in height years ago, the lessons he has taught me growing up ring even truer this day. Constantly I’m striving to be the man he is.

My respect for Tiger is mostly because of his golf game and mental fortitude. (Yes I agree with everyone he had a sever lapse in judgment). But I respect him even more so for his relationship with his father Earl. I can only imagine how Tiger felt when his father passed away. The thing that was the most gratifying seeing Tiger win early on, was his embrace of his father at the end of every victory. A teacher and a pupil. A father and a son.

With Tiger’s newest Nike commercial (the second video below) I could see how some people would just pass on it. But if you understand the relationship between a son and his father especially with Tiger and Earl, you feel the power of it. I can promise anytime Tiger sees this he is reminded of all the lessons his late father taught him. I can promise that Tiger is reminded of the man his father taught him to be, which he unfortunately strayed from. Some of you are probably wondering what the point of the commercial is. In my opinion it’s Earl saying, “Tiger you messed up bad, what are you going to do about it?” And further since Earl was the person Tiger went to for advice and support, the fact he’s not around, it seems the point then is that it’s up to Tiger alone to handle the consequences of his actions.

Regardless of where you stand with Tiger, as a human I believe you can appreciate his respect for his father.

With that, here are the two commercials that will always be etched into my memory.