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Ken Griffey, Jr. a Sporting Icon

Ken Griffey, Jr. and his Sweet Swing

Ken Griffey, Jr. with his perfect swing, amazing golden glove, jovial antics, and hat backward Home Run Derby mashing ways is one of my favorite athletes of all time. He kept baseball alive in Seattle (if only he suited up for the Sonics). Always a class act… lest we forget this sad farewell season and remember The Kid in all his glory. This Nike commercial gives me goosebumps and is so true. Dave Niehaus’┬ávoice in the background is pretty sweet also. Goodbye Ken Griffey, Jr., Hello Cooperstown. Hall of Famer since day one.


2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day right around the corner, why not bring it in with the 2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials. I’m generally a big fan of the M’s commercials, but I’ll admit they are down a bit this year. Though you gotta love Junior and Ichiro in the same clip, knowing that these shenanigans happen all the time in the clubhouse. I’m pretty excited for this season, lots of moves in the off-season could translate to a division title… But I’ve seen that movie before. Enjoy all the new commercials and the out-takes that start at the 2:30 mark (may be the funniest part of the clip).