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American Idol: Bowersox won the contest tonight

So again I’ve had a busy week, but I have to make time for an American Idol post. For all intensive purposes, unless someone comes up with an amazing performance this could really be my last American Idol post. The contest is over. Also I won’t be writing one next week, as I’ll be chillin on a hammock in Puerto Vallarta.

The theme for tonight’s episode was “inspirational songs.”

Inspirational to my heart was Siobhan Magnus; again she looked amazing tonight. Despite Simon’s confusion of the “leaves” (actually butterflies) on her dress, she looked stunning (do I have an infatuation? Most likely). Unfortunately, her performance was not inspirational. I mean taking on “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey is tough for anyone. She may be in the bottom three tomorrow. I feel like she’s working more on her justification speech after her performances rather than her actual singing. Still love you and still think you’re right on for standing up for what you want to do.

The rest, for the lack of better description… BORING. I’m not even going to talk about them. The competition has come down to two contestants: Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. Lee is just ready to cut an album, I’m sure after doing his obligatory songs picked by producers he’ll be on point.

Though the competition in my eyes is down to two people (has been for a month now), there is one contestant who is BY FAR head (dreads and all) and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

I believe my years of American Idol fandom warrants this paragraph. The past few years of Idol has been sorely lacking on talent. It should be no surprise that Simon Cowell will be leaving the show after this year. There have been a few gems in the rough, but no real stars. Album sales are indicative enough (even though album sales by no means qualify talent). That being said, Crystal (apt for this analogy) Bowersox is a diamond.

Now you should know that Carrie Underwood pretty much makes me stop anything I’m doing. Keep that in mind with my next statement. Crystal Bowersox is on a whole other level, on the level of Carrie Underwood (for American Idol purposes). I might, might, even venture to say she is ahead of her. Every week she comes out almost mocking the rest of the contestants with her talent (though Lee can definitely hang, but just hasn’t climbed to the top of the Idol rock).

I’m going to post both Lee and Crystal’s performances. But I could really just post Crystal’s. I’m posting Lee’s because his song choice of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” was money. It’s one of my favorite songs. Lee gave his standard professional performance. But as far as it being “Inspiration Week,” it was about five steps behind Crystal’s performance of Curtis Mayfield’s CLASSIC “People Get Ready.”

I literally got goose bumps from Crystal’s performance. I didn’t even get goose bumps from Carrie Underwood’s performance of Heart’s “Alone” (it just made my heart melt). My boy Jack says she’s a “huge star,” and I agree. In a simple equation she’s Joss Stone + Janis Joplin + honest soul + an instrumentalist = huge star. I’ve been tentative to crown her Season 7’s winner, but after tonight the level she’s on, really it’s Crystal Bowersox and the rest of American Idol. The way she keeps it honest and real (helps that she’s a mom) will go a long way in this industry. Watch those tears at the end of the song as she hit the lyrics “you don’t need a ticket, you just need to thank the lord.” A genuine star that the industry needs.

Amendment to original post. Okay I can see one way that Lee DeWyze may sneak in the victory. But these song choices have to be timed perfectly to steal it. From the wonders of YouTube I found these two performances of the Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody.” Lee, my dude when you read this (because I know you do)… well this may be the only way you’ll win American Idol (just don’t do that dance before Sex on Fire, it would defeat the title of the song). Do work son… but the crown is already on MommaSox.


American Idol Crystal Bowersox = Money

I come from the camp where I’m just dying for good music these days. Screw auto-tune and everything else that falls in line with that (you know what kind of music I’m talking about). Don’t get me wrong, I get my dance on and you can find me bumpin my head to pop tunes. But I’m looking for music that stirs something within me.

I seek great instrument playing, melodic voices, and rhapsodic lyrics. It’s a high standard that I seek. I posted a blog about some new music that I’m digging on and to be honest, I’m not sure how many of those albums I will dig years from now.

This brings me to Crystal Bowersox on American Idol. She exemplifies what I’m looking for, straight up good instrumentalist and a genuine voice. Genuine music, why is it so hard to find? I have no idea… I blame money grubbing production companies and music listeners that just don’t appreciate good music. An interesting fact, is that although Janis Joplin performed Me and Bobby McGee it was actually written by Kris Kristofferson. Yea the Kris Kristofferson from the Blade Trilogy. Actually his bio is pretty interesting, check it out. And here is Crystal’s performance from tonight’s Idol. The sound is a bit off with the video, looks like it’s dubbed, but you just need to listen anyway. Enjoy.

Also if you’ve been reading my blog… you know my love for Siobhan Magnus. And yes I still love her. This wasn’t as good as Paint it Black last week… but man that note she blows at the end of her performance, gets me every time. She just keeps fitting my profile over and over again. Siobhan has this adorable nerdy quality about her, genuine. Love it. Here’s Siobhan singing Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

And speaking of peeps that are just solid. A new Jimi Hendrix album has popped up. The posthumous Valleys of Neptune pumps out 12 previously unrecorded studio songs. His instrumental cover of Eric Clapton’s, one of my favorite musicians, Sunshine of Your Love is simply dope. Definitely check it out.

Penning Panda Out.