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2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day right around the corner, why not bring it in with the 2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials. I’m generally a big fan of the M’s commercials, but I’ll admit they are down a bit this year. Though you gotta love Junior and Ichiro in the same clip, knowing that these shenanigans happen all the time in the clubhouse. I’m pretty excited for this season, lots of moves in the off-season could translate to a division title… But I’ve seen that movie before. Enjoy all the new commercials and the out-takes that start at the 2:30 mark (may be the funniest part of the clip).


Still Love Siobhan, but Damn Crystal Bowersox is POWER

Let’s be honest. I’m pretty much continuing these weekly blogs for my love of Siobhan Magnus. Unfortunately, I have to admit that tonight’s performance was not her best. Ugh, seeing the tears in her eyes the Panda just wanted to grab the private plane and give her a Proper Panda Hug. But, I’m hoping the teenie bopper fans recognize what she’s done as a whole so far this year and keep her around. I still love her.

My favorites remain the same, but I’m going to have to reorder the list: Crystal Bowersox (by far the best voice in the competition), Lee DeWyze (the best male vocals), Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, and Aaron Kelly. I have sleeper bets on Andrew Garcia (he’s my dude) and Katie Stevens (she definitely has a voice, but really needs to find her song and connect with the audience). Why that Tim Urban dude is still in the competition, I really don’t know. Didi Benami has such a unique voice, but like Katie, she really needs to find the right song. Casey James, he’s definitely a concert performer… but doesn’t really bring anything new. I could see him jammin on a side-stage at SXSW.

So on to the videos for my peeps. The first is Crystal Bowersox’s rendition of Gladys Knight & The Pips “Midnight Train to Georgia”. She’s definitely a professional. Stepping up every week, but I’d have to say vocally this was her best performance.

I also have to give props to Lee DeWyze. I agree with the judges, it was by far his best performance… and once he learns how to connect with the crowd he could be a force. But with him and Crystal Bowersox, I can see them both making records right now and they would sell like heaters in Alaska. Here’s Lee’s jammin version of The Temptations’ “Treat Her Like a Lady”.

Finally… Andrew Garcia, my dude. He’s definitely been struggling since Hollywood Week. His cover of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” was simply butter. But finally, my dude, came through tonight and if he can keep picking the right songs and does like I know he can do he’ll be right back in it. I’m going to post his creative money “Straight Up” cover and his super sick acoustic rendition of Chris Brown’s “Forever”.

This Commercial Gets Me

Ooooobviously my appreciation of commercials is no joke. Here’s another one that gets me. “I like what your doing with this, you know all this. I love all your teeth… ditto.”

Penning Panda = Commercial Nut

I’m a nut for commercials… Really I am. And not because I get sucked in and end up buying something because of a commercial. No. Rather, I just think of all the things on TV, commercials is where most of the creativity is at. Among my recent favorites are the E*Trade Baby commercials, any Jack Link’s Sasquatch commercial, the Bud Light “Auto-Tune” commercial, and the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials…

And the reason for this blog is because of this Most Interesting Man in the World commercial… favorite line: “His mother has a tattoo that reads: son.”

And since I mentioned it… my two favorite E*Trade commercials. The first is my all time favorite and I was skeptical of the new baby, but the second one does come through.

“Why don’t you try reading the rules shankapotamus?”

“Taken care of… wolf style.”