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New Banned South Park Episode

The South Park Posse

I’m pretty much a huge fan of South Park. No matter how far they push the envelope, everything they do is on point.

Well it looks like Trey Parker and Matt Stone pushed it to the edge last night. I wasn’t near my TV to watch it last night. But rumblings from my friends said that the first 10-15 minutes weren’t even aired. So naturally I had to go find what the deal was. Apparently a lot of it was censored, check this link on a brief discussion.

I wasn’t able to find an uncensored version. I’m sure one will pop up sooner or later on the Internet. But I was able to find the first part of the episode apparently not aired in some places last night. That particular link will include a few random pop ups. If you’d like to view one without pop ups you can go here. However, that site for this particular episode pretty slow to refresh. So however you want to view it, it’s up to you.

I’m not going to break down the episode, I’ll leave that up to you and whatever websites/media outlets that so choose. But in my opinion they should’ve just let the episode run without the censorship. Our society has come to a point where political correctness is stifling creativity and an open mind, rather than protecting anything. We’re so caught up in trying not to offend anyone, that we’re quashing any real conversation. It’s like the sheltered child growing up, who when the finally break free of their parent’s nest they realize that the world is a vast place and reality is not confined to four walls. If we are ever going to break free of stereotypes and ignorant beliefs, we need to face them head on instead of hiding them in a closet. Our society is so quick to turn their heads or ignore reality. Yes, you choose your own reality. However, I fear that our society and generations after mine are going to be too blind to realize real issues.

That was an impromptu rant. However, if you want to have an honest and more fluid discussion with me I’ll be glad to oblige. Maybe I’ll speak more of this and my disdain for categorization and the softening of our society. Not that we need to be hard asses all the time and not that some categorization can help us. But we’re stuck in this old paradigm that is outdated as some “truths” and “morals” we once thought were right. Only when we can address these old notions, figure out their real base can we move on to better things. What are those “better things”? Again get a hold of me so we can discuss some things. We can learn and appreciate the past, but a massive transcendence of the mind is needed more now than ever.

With that, I will be off to Mexico for a spell and hopefully will return with some good blogs for you all.