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… April flowers bring May showers …

the twilight tempest

Up above
in the Kingdom of Kindred they are crying
unsure of him and his voyage he is trying.
The blanket is hauled across the sky
like storied Queen, the stoic King is raining.

Unaccompanied he thinks.
Lays and sinks.
Not drowning. Not blemishing.
Is the sunshine waiting?

As meteors screech from these incorrigible eyes
eventide conceals the white-blue skies
wistfully clouding wishful stars.
These soulful shadows dawn disguise
he is his captain slipping on the rise.

Follow your heart. They do…
to junctures full of misgivings.

She once recorded of love and gain.
But now
like blood
manifests the strain.

Without amour and her sentinel
her heart will drain.
As he drips alone
missing his healer
life once immaculate is stained.

You, Spring, full of brilliance
and exultation… Why must you rain?

As the shower fabricates its sound
she lets fall in drops
and weakens.
This must be untrue to wary tales
This is not the end.

Come flash then thunder
through torrent they well ascend.
To the portal of the crowns around the bend
in this flood they will levitate.
Please rain…

Do not let our vessels deepen.

– © Leonceo V. Angsioco

Kerry Park, Seattle after a fresh natural cleanse.


Puerto Vallarta Breeze

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta

Tropical Moonlit Thoughts

Two starving sea gulls sweep
soundlessly together into the sea
capturing feelings with words
once thought an impossibility.

On hammocks, eyes watch water
a courageous moon reflects angelic
with stunning silence, souls speak
singing sounds with laughter poetic.

Meandering mouths whisper
carried loud in the breeze
tender fingers and toes
grab sand, trying to please.

No motive messages are delivered
in sync with the crashing waves
hands orchestrate majestically
knowing what only the heart craves.

A shooting star streaks stellar
an elder couple stare and pause
southern constellations colorfully shine
answering wishful dreams leading cause.

Palms are heard rustling in rhythm
understanding hearts clear as the sky
they dance with cavernous conviction
minds carefully cleansed, they cry.

In demanding lands far from here
another one breathes this same air
jointly forming tapestries of truth
simultaneously mending hearts with care.

Sipping exotic drinks alone in time
giving kind comfort to longing lips
Mother Earth wonders, when wind blows
will the world open its arms to feel this?

– © Leonceo V. Angsioco