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Ken Griffey, Jr. a Sporting Icon

Ken Griffey, Jr. and his Sweet Swing

Ken Griffey, Jr. with his perfect swing, amazing golden glove, jovial antics, and hat backward Home Run Derby mashing ways is one of my favorite athletes of all time. He kept baseball alive in Seattle (if only he suited up for the Sonics). Always a class act… lest we forget this sad farewell season and remember The Kid in all his glory. This Nike commercial gives me goosebumps and is so true. Dave Niehaus’ voice in the background is pretty sweet also. Goodbye Ken Griffey, Jr., Hello Cooperstown. Hall of Famer since day one.


Nike’s “Write The Future” World Cup Commercial

World Cup 2010

So it’s a Nike ad… but hey it’s getting me amped for the World Cup (as if I need a commercial to get me excited). But the video is awesome and is foreshadowing for some goosebumps from South Africa. We are now officially under 21 days until the Cup begins. Scarves Up fans…

Tiger Woods “Commercial” on Jimmy Kimmel

Okay. I made serious commentary on Earl and Tiger Woods in my previous post… But I had to post this spoof of the commercial on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The “commercial” featuring a fake voice of Tiger’s mom Kultida Woods had me crackin up. Mom always knows best. Tiger I still love you and it’s only a few more hours til you tee off at The Masters. Sweetness!

Easter: Brunches, Eggs, Bunnies… not so religious

I’m about to head out of town to do some Easter celebratin’ with my folks and some of my peeps (by the way I love me some Peeps). Sure I’m Catholic, but really the best part about Easter? The brunch buffet. Yup. Keeping that in mind I’m actually going to post an old Easter op-ed I wrote for The Seattle Times in college (I’m using the title I created, not the expansive one my editor chose). If you don’t want to read it, skip down to some classic and not-so-classic Easter ads. This weekend I’m going to try to accomplish something I have never been able to do before, watch a bunny hatch a Cadbury Egg. I wonder if the rate of sugar hangovers is higher after Halloween or Easter? Hoppy Easter!

A Creative Escher Peeps Diorama

My Truth About Easter

People have taken the context of Easter to obscurity, often forgetting why they celebrate the holiday.

Like many Christian holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. People often gripe about how Easter is a corporate scandal to make money off those who like to celebrate.

To those skeptics, I must be a corporate sucker. My earliest Easter memory is of my first Easter egg hunt, a giant pink bunny and my screaming peers. I also recall dying eggs with my dad and mom, crafting tremendous Easter baskets full of candy and toys.

My parents raised me in the Catholic Church and although my current mass attendance is poor, I don’t dismiss my religious upbringing. But I wonder if it is wrong for me to think of Easter more as a celebration with friends and family, and less of it in the name of Jesus.

One of my roommates, whose family is not at all religious, has always celebrated Easter. In fact, without religion, Easter still has a unique aura.

The Web site of “The Magical Land of Cadbury in Australia” greets visitors with “Where the magic of Easter begins.”

According to Christian belief and tradition, Easter does hold magic. But I believe there is also magic in Easter bunnies and in the surprises they deliver. And my stomach believes there is magic in the form of Easter brunches.

To devout religious followers, the magic of the bunny and brunches may be offensive. So excuse my temerity. My celebration of Easter may not reflect typical Christian intent, but I recognize that I am celebrating life and family.

And isn’t that what we are supposed to do during the Lenten and Easter season, celebrate life?

Obviously, Easter is about more than bunnies and egg hunts, but it’s also about more than Lent and church service. Easter should represent the celebration of life, no matter the form.

As I grow older I still get excited to see Cadbury eggs and pastel color schemes in grocery stores. I look forward to sipping mimosas at Easter brunch with my parents and relatives. I appreciate being alive and spending time with my family and those I love.

Perhaps I observe Easter with candy and buffets, but I’m celebrating life. And isn’t that the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection?

I challenge everyone to create meaning in their own celebration of Easter.

– By Penning Panda (Catholic by up-brining, secular through life, and a fan of brunch)

Now on to the videos:

The first is the OG Cadbury Bunny ad.

The next clip is the classic Cadbury Bunny “Tryout” commercial, the cat was a new addition in 2009.

The third clip is the 2010 Cadbury Egg 2010 “3D Goo” commercial.

And finally I present you a rejected Reese’s Easter commercial. Pretty creative, a little risque, but disappointed it was not picked up… I wonder why?

2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day right around the corner, why not bring it in with the 2010 Seattle Mariner’s Commercials. I’m generally a big fan of the M’s commercials, but I’ll admit they are down a bit this year. Though you gotta love Junior and Ichiro in the same clip, knowing that these shenanigans happen all the time in the clubhouse. I’m pretty excited for this season, lots of moves in the off-season could translate to a division title… But I’ve seen that movie before. Enjoy all the new commercials and the out-takes that start at the 2:30 mark (may be the funniest part of the clip).

This Commercial Gets Me

Ooooobviously my appreciation of commercials is no joke. Here’s another one that gets me. “I like what your doing with this, you know all this. I love all your teeth… ditto.”

Penning Panda = Commercial Nut

I’m a nut for commercials… Really I am. And not because I get sucked in and end up buying something because of a commercial. No. Rather, I just think of all the things on TV, commercials is where most of the creativity is at. Among my recent favorites are the E*Trade Baby commercials, any Jack Link’s Sasquatch commercial, the Bud Light “Auto-Tune” commercial, and the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials…

And the reason for this blog is because of this Most Interesting Man in the World commercial… favorite line: “His mother has a tattoo that reads: son.”

And since I mentioned it… my two favorite E*Trade commercials. The first is my all time favorite and I was skeptical of the new baby, but the second one does come through.

“Why don’t you try reading the rules shankapotamus?”

“Taken care of… wolf style.”