New MGMT Album: Congratulations

So I got a good listen to MGMT’s upcoming album Congratulations. Here’s my thing with MGMT, any song off of Oracular Spectacular and most songs off of Climbing to New Lows (when they were called The Management) gets this Panda dancing. At the very least puts me in a very good mood… How does “Electric Feel” not make you feel, well, electric?

That being said it took a while for me to listen to MGMT. Yea, I’m one of those guys who waits for the hype to die down a bit before checking out a book, movie, or new music. Of course sometimes, I’m part of the hype. But when I listened to Oracular Spectacular, it pretty much was played over and over again on the iPod.

MGMT’s new album I think will take a few listens before die-hard MGMT fans take to it. In my opinion it’s kind of an album where MGMT says, “This is who we are. This is where we are going. Don’t expect the same, but be pleasantly surprised.” Or that could be my one sentence review about it. Actually check out the link to NPR’s review, which also gives you a chance to listen to the whole album. NPR was right when they said “I Found a Whistle” induces you to sing-a-long, and may be the first single. An interesting point about that, is that with this album MGMT is not releasing any singles per se. Rather they are giving radio stations the entire album and encouraging them to play the songs they see fit. A bold move, but with such a strong following, it’s almost their way of saying, “Fuck you record labels.” I can dig that.

MGMT does bring it’s epic sound and ventures to make it even more epic. You find yourself in a trip-trance (a good one though) as you follow the lyrics. On first listen it may not be as poppy/catchy as Oracular Spectacular, but it’s for the better. Too often groups get stuck in that mold and fear stepping out and trying new things. This leaves them stagnant and forgettably boring. I don’t think you could ever call MGMT boring. With the previous MGMT albums they only got better with more listens. I’ve only listened through the whole thing twice (yea I copped a copy and it’s on my iTunes), but I’ve enjoyed it thus far.

Here’s my current favorite track off the album, “Flash Delirium.”

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