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This is Amazing

Alright so this has nothing to do with my trip… but it does have something to do with my home.

This has to be one of the most amazing predictions of all time.

Mike Blowers (former Seattle Mariner’s player) made a bold prediction of Matt Tuiasosopo’s first home run of the year.

The best baseball announcer, Dave Niehaus seemingly laughs at the bold prediction… but… as you’ll hear (click the link below)…

The Prediction of The Year by Mike Blowers


Can’t you see the sunshine? Can’t you feel the moonshine?

I figure the above song was appropriate for this blog.  Today I got in Boogs’ truck and found my way down to the capital of North Carolina… Raleigh. Gotta say there is nothing like crusin the streets of Raleigh in Boogs’ truck blastin country tunes.  Driving into downtown Raleigh I passed by some old colonial houses tucked amongst the trees.  Although we don’t have colonial houses, the streets definitely reminded me of Oak Harbor.

My Ride While in NC

My Ride While in NC

I finally found a spot to park the rig and it was off to be a tourist.  I wandered around the Capital Building and started to get a sense of history amongst all the monuments and old cannons.  As I was taking pictures a guy, who I presumed to help maintain the Capital Building told me of all the sites to visit in Raleigh.  I really should’ve wrote them down, but you know I was just down for friendly chatter.  He actually wanted me to join up with a tour group, but I kindly declined.  I’m telling you the people out in North Carolina are super friendly.

After taking some pictures of the Capital Building I walked over to the Executive Mansion.  It had served as the official residence of North Carolina governors since 1891.  I tried to sneak through an open gate, but was quickly swarmed and was politely escorted off the property.  I was going to play the Asian tourist, “I didn’t know what I was doing” part but decided not to.

I decided that I need to get some knowledge in me and visited the North Carolina Museum of History.  Walking through again I got a sense of history, especially walking through the War exhibit.  Also realized how much these folks love their NASCAR.  There is a pirate exhibit in the museum that usually costs $5 for admission, but the lady at the front waived it and let me walk through.  The short of it, pirates are badass.  Though that goes without saying.  After strolling through the Museum of History I walked across the Museum of Natural Sciences.  It was pretty standard but sure had a ton of whale fossils.  With that my museum tour was done and it was time to get back to Boogs and LB’s house.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

Heritage Not Hate

Heritage Not Hate

Whale Fossils

Whale Fossils

We were trying to figure out what to do for dinner and it looked like it was a trip to Bojangles’.  Now to the casual food observer it would appear to be like a KFC.  But on the contrary.  The gravy was rich, like only they can do in the south.  The chicken was as expected, meaty and delicious.  But the best part was the sweet tea, sweet is an understatement… it basically was sugar with a splash of tea.  Although I don’t need sugar because I’m sweet enough, it certainly was refreshing.



After dinner we went back to the house.  LB had to study for a midterm (which was actually worth 50% of her grade, so not your typical law school midterm).  Boogs and I cracked some beers and took out his chopper, a Honda Shadow that he’s been working on all summer.  We got it up and running, well the engine anyway.  Where in which I realized, I need to buy a bike… I’m sure my mom will love that.  While watching Sons of Anarchy, Boogs and I concluded that we needed to start a bike gang.  Oh and don’t you worry it will happen.

Me on Boogs' Chopper

Me on Boogs' Chopper

While lounging on the couch, Boogs introduced me to the fine taste of moonshine.  Straight moonshine out of a mason jar.  This particular moonshine tasted like a mix between tequila and Everclear.  Now it may sound disgusting to most, but I gotta tell you after the initial shock it was quite tasty.  A few swigs later and a raise in my body temperature I realized why this stuff could make you blind.  But whatever, I’ve got 20/20 vision I figure I could spare a bit of it.

Moonshine in a Mason Jar

Moonshine in a Mason Jar

Boogs Showin Me How to Drank Moonshine

Boogs Showin Me How to Drank Moonshine

Mmm... Moonshine

Mmm... Moonshine

Boogs was telling me how cheap property is out in North Carolina.  I couldn’t believe the prices he was telling me.  So of course I had to do some research.  We looked at property out on the coast.  We came across a house, less then 5 years old with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths.  This house is literally on the water.  Not to say how much rent I pay in LA, but the mortgage for the house was definitely less than my half of the rent at 1010. Not saying that I’m all gung-ho about moving to North Carolina, but with housing that affordable I’d consider a move out here…

Last Evening and Day in NYC

Last Evening in NYC

I know this blog is past due, but I’ve been caught up kickin it with Boogs and Laura Beth in North Carolina.

So on Sunday, Woody and I went to Carlow East Bar in NYC.  Apparently it is a Seahawks bar.  As we roll up I see Hawks banners everywhere and realize, damn it really is a Seahawks bar.  I was hoping that the Hawks would win to avenge the loss and the bet I made on the Huskies game the day before.

The Hawks Bar: Carlow East in NYC

The Hawks Bar: Carlow East in NYC

The bar was definitely a sports bar with a number of TV screens all over the bar playing all the football games.  Another sick feature about the bar was the fact that during the Seahawks game they served free food.  Yes free food: chicken wings, pasta, salad, and meatballs.  Not to mention the cheap beers.

Now I will not speak of the game here.  But I will say I hope the Seahawks burn the hell out of those hideous green jerseys that looked like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle puked on them.  So how was my sporting weekend, terrible… two losses from Seattle teams and a further empty wallet.

After crying, seriously I had my head down on the pool table for about 10 minutes.  Woody and I went back to his apartment and began to drink our weekend football sorrows away.  We popped open a bottle of Raki (a Turkish hard alcohol).  But I was feeling a bit spent (probably because I was hella depressed about the football weekend, also getting a slight fever).  But we pressed on with the Raki.

Turns out Cassie lives right around the corner from Woody so she came by.  It was good talking with an old friend from Oak Harbor.  Talks are about real issues, for us the topic was about mind transcendence and awareness. I’d go into it into more details, but I’ll have to save that for another blog when I get back to LA.

It often amazes me how world some of my friends are.  Aside from being well versed the amounts of traveling and visiting other cultures.  It seems like I travel a lot, but there is sill a lot more I need to see and experience in this world.  A lot more dialog and discourse, and people willing to challenge my ideas and mind.  The funny part about it, is that I can pick up the phone or sit around with my friends from Oak Harbor or Washington and inevitably the dialog happens.  I do have friends in California that do the same thing, but I dunno if it’s just the fact that I’ve known these people a lot longer so we’re not afraid to talk and be called out or what.

Cassie, Wood and Duygu all think I should become a talent manager or some sort of job that brings people and their unique abilities together.  For some reason they have the idea that I have a lot of friends and the ability to bring people together.  I dunno, I’ll figure it out.

Last Day in NYC

I finally got a chance to sleep in a bit (and my fever subsided) but I had some time to kill before I boarded my plane to Raleigh, North Carolina.  So Wood and I decided to head down to Central Park to through the football around.  It reminded me of our days when we lived in San Diego before I started law school.  Basically our daily regimen would be: get up, brush our teeth, eat some breakfast or a burrito, slap on some sun block then toss the football around on the beach until our arms fell off.  Today was relatively the same thing, except the sand was replaced with grass.

It’s awesome to have so much greenery around in such a big town.  I realized that it’s not only water that I miss living in downtown LA but trees.  Though I do recall sitting in a park in LA with the breeze in our face and the birds chirping.  Hmm…

Before throwing out my arm, Wood and I headed back to his apartment and it was time for me to leave.  I took the 3 subway to 42nd (Times Square) then rode the E train to the AirTrain to JFK.  I gotta say that the public transportation (some certain smells to be excused) is really dope and efficient (save a few of the trains).

Walking through the TSA security I realized it’s become a staple for me when people look at my ID longer than they should to say, “It’s my natural hair color.”  My hair is bleached (it was when I made a short film for a friend that passed away while I was in law school. She always used to bleach our hair), and my face can only be best described as Chester the Molester.  I know terrible, but the facial hair was pretty bad.

Waiting for the plane to NC scanning the crowd, I realized the type of people flying to Raleigh is a lot different than those going to JFK.  I’ll leave it at that.  But it was cool that the Jet Blue terminal offered free wi-fi, and probably when I should’ve written this blog.  But alas I got caught up in fantasy football research… And with that our flight boarded and I was off to North Carolina.

I plan on writing my blog on North Carolina tomorrow morning.  I’ve just been enjoying time with Boogs and Laura Beth that I haven’t had time to get to it yet… but there’s a lot to be said… For now I’ll just say that North Carolina is surprisingly comforting and it’s just so awesome being able to spend time with another dude in the OHP.

Oh and I’m also including this song for you to listen to.  It obviously reminds me of NYC.  I also have some poetry I need to publish, as a city like NYC does stir the best in writers (not that I’m a writer, but I do find myself writing poetry from time to time)…

Carolina on My Mind…

So my flight got into Raleigh just fine.  What was actually amazing, contrary to my previous statement in my last blog, is that North Carolinians are pretty damn attractive.

After grabbin my bags Boogs (Brett).  Actually let’s talk about Brett’s nickname.  Back in high school our boy Billy was actually trying to call Brett, Ogre, from Revenge of the Nerds.  But Billy forgot the name and called Brett, Booger instead.  Since that day the nickname has stuck and we’ve since shortened it to Boogs.

Anyway Boogs and his girl Laura Beth (LB) came to pick me up.  This was actually the first time I met LB (we have nicknames for everyone, people generally call me asshole kidding… Leon or Punchy Panda tends to get thrown around).  LB is definitely a Carolina girl, which I’m finding out is an awesome thing.  She’s very genuine and has a sense of humor that fits perfectly with us folk in the OHP.  Basically I give her the stamp of approval and beyond.  No, Boogs I’m not trying to snake your girl, I’m just saying you’re a lucky man.

On the way back to Boogs and LB’s house, I was telling LB how the only thing I really know about NC have been the over-the-top stories the Boogs has told me.  I was expecting to see people with no teeth, spit juice on their overalls, or some straight up country fed beasts (you know what I really want to say here).  Now there may be some of those around here, but generally people are extremely nice.  Though I’ve been told that there are some ignorant and illiterate folk around here, I guess not that much different than anywhere else.

We saw some deer running on the highway (reminds me of WA with all the greenery around).  Boogs said, “I could pull over and shoot that deer.”  I asked (like a dumbass if it was legal).  Boogs replied, “No, but no one would care.”  I wonder what my dad would think if he lived out here and the deer were eating his roses.  The deer back at my parents are notorious for eating the roses and every other plant in my parents’ garden back in WA.

We got back to Boogs and LB’s house.  Their house is very comforting and has a ton of space.  Boogs even has his own Man Room in the back and a kegerator (though the beer was kinda bunk, Boogs is workin on keeping it cold).  Further, I actually had my own room and bed.  I haven’t slept in a bed for what seems like months (but merely weeks).  Telling you they keep it homey down south.

It started to rain, rather storm up a bit and we decided to go out for dinner.  The restaurant’s name is escaping me right now, but all I know is that they had a $1.50 High Life special.  One may frown at The Champagne of Beers, but for a buck-fitty, you think any of us were going to complain.  LB opted for Michelob Ultra, the Sports Drink of Beers. HA HA.

Something interesting to note is that Boogs asked the waiter, “Are there any specials tonight?”   Turns out there are no happy hours in NC anymore.  Rather they have “specials.”  The difference?  Is that instead of a Happy Hour time period, drink specials run all night.  But shit $1.50 beers makes this guy happy.

After dinner we did as one would expect in NC and got some beers at the store.  I made an observation on the prices of beer and tobacco products.   The lady says “Everything is cheaper in North Carolina.”  I had to bite my tongue and not retort with something like, “So does that mean the folks of North Carolina are cheap also?”  But it was too easy and she was too nice.  Yes, I can keep my mouth shut sometimes.

We ended the evening watching the Monday Night Football game.  I’m in five fantasy football leagues.  In one of them I really needed Romo to toss at least one TD, hey to Witten would’ve been icing on the cake.  But no Romo didn’t.  I lost in that league and Boogs lost in his league because Delhomme, was well Delhomme and his opponent had Dallas’ D who swiftly picked off Delhomme for a TD.

Tomorrow I’m going to check the sites of Raleigh and see what this state is about…

(Seeing how I’m actually writing this on Thursday, I actually have a most of a blog done about Tuesday and Wednesday… so stay tuned for motorcycles, the sites of Raleigh, and moonshine… oh moonshine.

Today I’m actually heading up to Duke with Boogs and we’re getting a tour of the athletic facilities.  Yes as some of you know, Duke b-ball is one of my most hated teams.  But, I have to respect the Cameron Crazies and I wanna feel that air.

Also we’re going to have a full on NC type of night… stay tuned for that also.

I’ll probably have a blog dedicated to just pictures… I’ve just had too much fun kickin it with Boogs and LB and actually doing some work on the side to get to this blog and picture posting.  But I you’re on facebook you can see some of them on my profile.)

Still Alive in NYC…

… but my allergies are kickin in.  Maybe the reason I don’t live on the East Coast is because my allergies always catch up with me out here.

Today has been a real dope day.  We did end up making it out for all-you-can eat sushi.  And all I could eat I certainly did.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture as I was too consumed in eating as much as I could.  My wonder is whether they could tell what they were in store for when we walked into the door.

University of Washington banner at Rattle N Hum

University of Washington banner at Rattle N Hum

After the sushi fest we headed to Rattle N Hum, a bar close to the Empire State Building.  It was jammed packed with U-Dubb fans.  The two girls that we saw earlier in the day, ended up coming to the bar.  Apparently their little event wasn’t as cool as they thought, or the sport coat lingered in their memory.  I kid.  Or do I?  It was pretty awesome singing the UW fight song, but unfortunately we lost to the nerds from Palo Alto.  I don’t want to talk anymore about the game as I’m still somewhat devastated.  I think the girl who grabbed my shoulder (and left nail marks) when Jesus Locker threw his last interception was a good exemplification of the game.

But all was not lost.  Not only did the two girls show up.  But so did my friend Marcy.  Marcy is actually living out here in NYC for a few more weeks as she continues her optometrist rotation.  It was awesome seeing her as I had not seen her since Chauntelle’s wedding and the infamous after party at “the club” in Oak Harbor.  Though I’ve become her default “drunk text” buddy, which I appreciate and honor my position fully.  You all think I travel a lot, Marcy is about to be in what I swear is 20 different cities.  I’m hoping she ends up in Hawaii so we can go out and visit her.

And yet another surprise.  I was hoping to meet up with my friend Cassie.  Cassie and I have been good friends since way back in the day in Oak Harbor and we hung out on a few occasions when we lived in San Diego.  I hadn’t seen Cassie in a few years and it was getting late at the bar.  I feared she wouldn’t make it out.  Next thing I know, I turn around and there she was!  Lookin sharp as ever.

In this often small world (it’s getting smaller for me by the day, but I’m not opposed to it), the six degrees of separation quickly become two.  So Marcy swam with two of my good friends from Oak Harbor, Chauntelle and Kyla, in college.  Cassie and I swam together with Chauntelle and Kyla in Oak Harbor.  So right there was an instant connection between Marcy and Cassie.  Oh this world and how everyone is woven together is really amazing.

After some catching up and good times we left the bar.  Turns out Cassie lives on the opposite side of the block of Woody and Duygu.  On the cab ride back home, Cassie and I caught up.  I don’t need to divulge everything Cassie is doing.  But she is doing really well with her acting (her passion).  Who knows, maybe all of my friends lives are coming together.  Now if only I can work on my passion of writing and if only my skill was as deep as my passion.  One day.

As I said my world is getting smaller.  Duygu also is an actress, actually a pretty established one in Turkey.  She hasn’t quite established herself here in NYC yet, but maybe her and Cassie can start working together and make it happen.  Hey, I’m a remarkable agent.

The night is still young and the evening in NYC has not yet begun to yawn.  I’m hoping to meet up with Megan Fox’s agent soon.  Megan is actually in NYC filming SNL (which by all intensive purposes should be on air pretty soon on the West Coast).  Who knows what connections this may lead to?

With that I’m on my way.  Saddened by the Husky loss but excited about going to a Seahawks bar tomorrow to watch the Hawks v. Bears game.  I’ve been alerted that there is free food at the bar during the games.  Yes more food on this trip.  Also I’m hoping to spend more time with my friends and hash out some ideas with Cassie tomorrow.  It’s so awesome seeing all my old and very real Oak Harbor friends, it’s been lacking a bit in LA. To say the least.

On a side note… blogging from my iPhone is the sickness.  Until next time…

Quick NYC Post via iPhone

After about a cartoon hand worth of sleep, Wood and I headed to his lab at Mount Sinai.  Wood’s walk to his lab is pretty dope as he gets to walk along Central Park.  I’ve only heard stories of the lab.  It’s actually pretty sick what Wood and his lab partners do.  In Laymen’s terms, they study the genes of Zebra Fish in relation to the liver.  It gets deeper than that and if you’d like to have a discussion about it, I’ll be glad to have one… though I’ll admit my knowledge is probably limited to a 5 minute conversation.  They are about to move the lab and Woody is gonna have a sick view of the city.

A lake in Central Park

A lake in Central Park

Unfortunately there were not enough fertilized eggs for Woody to perform any experiments, so we walked back to his pad.  After watching some initial chat about the college games today we headed to SoHo to have brunch with Tess.

Funny ass poster in the subway.  They're actually filming some of this on the roof of the building I live on. I couldn't help but laugh at the graffiti.

Funny ass poster in the subway. They’re actually filming some of this show on the roof of the building I live in in LA. I couldn’t help but laugh at the graffiti.

She chose a spot called Permanent Brunch.  There was a hella long wait, but I did what I do and got a seat relatively quick.  Much to the dismay of some, but hey what can I say.

Sign in front of Permanent Brunch in SoHo, NYC

Sign in front of Permanent Brunch in SoHo, NYC

I ordered french toast stuffed with ham, eggs, and cheese and a bloody mary.  It was BOMB.  Woody, Tess, and I also all ordered three different kinds of bacon from the Bacon Bar menu.  You know me and bacon, mmm… bacon.  The best was the Hungarian bacon.  Tasted like prosciutto, minus the salt.  Though it was bacon, so maybe it could’ve tasted salty.

The stuffed french toast and bacon...

The stuffed french toast and bacon…

A girl walks up to Wood and I (rocking some U-DUBB gear) and she gave a, “Go Huskies.”  I asked if she went to UW, she said no but that she’s from Seattle.  She goes, “Unfortunately I went to Stanford.”  I gave a quick boo (UW is playing Stanford tonight), she was cool with it, but said she had to root for her college.  Whatever.  Another cool aspect of Permanent Brunch is that if you have an iPhone or iTouch you can access their WiFi and choose songs from an infinite library… unfortunately I don’t think any of my songs were played before we left.  Though peeps are in store for a sick playlist.

As we were walking outside Permanent Brunch two girls stopped us to ask if we were hitting up the game at Rattle N Hum.  I said, “Of course we are,” and I convinced them that they should also go.  They claimed they had some other event to go to, but you know how I can lay it on.  We’ll see if they actually make it out… either way, I’m pretty amped with all the U-Dubb respect as another person also asked about the game tonight.  Maybe I should become the U-Dubb spokesperson of NYC.  We walked around SoHo for a bit.  Tess had to go back to work (yup people who are going to take over the world work weekends).  I popped into a store where I checked out some $400 jeans and I laughed.

Wood and Duygu on the streets of SoHo and a second hand open market...

Wood and Duygu on the streets of SoHo and a second hand open market…

I need to get some rest as we’re headed to a Husky bar to watch the game tonight.  The east coast kinda sucks for sports, as the game won’t come on until 9 p.m. here.  Beforehand we’re gonna hit up an all-you-can eat sushi and free sake joint… You know this kid is excited.  Also hopefully Cassie comes out and meets us… I’ll let you know in another blog.

The corner of where Woody lives in Harlem.. brought my black glove and made a fist.

The corner of where Woody lives in Harlem.. brought my black glove and made a fist.

In NYC: Somewhere out there on that horizon…

The Bus and Subway

Obligatory Subway Shot

Obligatory Subway Shot

Today I embarked on the second leg of my trip.  It was sad to leave Chip, Rebecca and Sandi as they were gracious hosts in Jersey.  After grabbing a bagel with the infamous Taylor ham (which by the way tasted like a mix of Canadian bacon and well, bacon) Chip took me to the bus.  I hopped on the bus and headed to NYC.

Taylor Ham Bagel

Taylor Ham Bagel

The bus ride was quick, maybe 25 minutes and took me from Little Falls, New Jersey to the Port Authority in the city.  Woody told me that there would be signs for the “2 or 3, not the 1.”  So I figured the signs would be right in front of my face.  The only signs I saw were for various gates and one sign that a dude held that read, “Fear Jesus.” Yup, New York City.

So trying not to look like a lost tourist (because my rolling suitcase wasn’t an indication) I gave in.  I walked up to the nicest person I could find and asked, “I’m looking for the 2 or 3.”  She stood up and must have been 6’3”, a model I’m sure.  Kindly she told me, “Walk towards the door and take the stairs down.”  Tugging my suitcase along, I finally found the signs Woody told me about.  I should mention here, that I didn’t make that tourist mistake by having my suitcase get stuck in the turn-style.  Instead I hoisted it above it, a nice New Yorker move.  After hauling my suitcase up three flights of stairs I was at my subway stop.  I listened to a dude drum and was on the subway headed to the 116th stop in Harlem.

Harlem: Woody’s Hood

Again not trying to look like a tourist, I called Woody who could see me from the street and he directed me to his apartment. “Dude, do you see the dudes sitting on the stoop, that’s my apartment building.”  Sho-nuff I saw the dudes sitting on the stoop. I’ll also interject here; Woody lives just off of Malcolm X, which is just a block down from Frederick Douglas.  Fitting for a white guy from Seattle and his Turkish wife.

Woody and I rapped about life a bit and decided to grab some wine and vegetables.  Duygu (Woody’s wife) was making us a Turkish dinner.  We wandered the streets while I was on the phone talking about what happens to assets when a person dies intestate, without a will (the work never stops).  We grabbed some wine and I bought some beer and the vegetables from the local grocery store.  In NYC they don’t ever refrigerate their beer, bugs me.

Duygu came home from work and made a dope, dope meal.  Eggplant, beef, tomatoes, pita bread, more tomatoes and more beef.  I should’ve taken a picture in retrospect.

Tess and Heather

After dinner we rapped about stereotypes, racism, religion, and fart jokes.  Then it was off to meet my childhood friend Tess (who mom was hoping would kick some sense into me, I think my mom really wanted Tess to kick me). We were to met up with Tess at a bar called Barcade.  It was dope, hella solid beers on tap and hella quarter arcade games.  We got there before Tess so Woody and I took turns trying to beat the high score on 1943.  I think if I could’ve spent $5 on it, we would’ve rocked the high score.  I really wanted to get that high score so they could’ve chalked my name up on the “high score board” above the bar.  But to no avail.  Tess shortly arrived then it was off to surprise our friend Heather.

Tess, Heather and I have known each other since we were lil tykes.  In fact I could honestly say they were some of my first friends ever.  The kicker of all this, is that Heather is moving to Portland next Monday and it was her going away party.  I hadn’t seen Tess in about 4 years and Heather in 10 years.  Tess apparently told Heather that she was bringing a surprise guest.  I’m actually pretty pumped Heather is moving to Portland and hopefully she gets a writing gig for a paper there.  I’m hoping to spend more time with her when I move back to Washington (10 years is far too long. Shit 4 years is far too long), and who knows maybe I’ll find a writing gig as well.

We roll up to the bar where Heather was having her going away party… like a true person raised in Oak Harbor, Heather’s reaction when she saw me, “Oh, what the fuck?”  A good what the fuck, as she did rock the biggest smile when she saw me.  It was so awesome seeing her, and I gotta admit a rush of nostalgia hit me as we talked about our First Communion and our middle school play.  Our class actually put on a performance of Romeo and Juliet which Heather, Tess and I were all in.  Guess who was Romeo?  Yours truly.  But alas, the stage doesn’t always translate to real life.

We caught up a bit and enjoyed $1.50 beers.  Yup, $1.50 beers.  I wish we could’ve stayed longer but both Tess and Woody have to work in the morning.  Which is just a few hours away, and I’m wondering why I told Woody I’d go to his lab with him.  All good, I don’t sleep anyway.  Tomorrow we’re going to meet up with Tess for some good ol’ NYC brunch then head to a University of Washington bar to hopefully watch my Dawgs stomp The Cardinal.  The Cardinal?  Who the fuck carries the nickname after a color?  Nerdy Stanford kids, that’s who.  And hopefully we’ll hit up an all-you-can-eat sushi spot and meet up with yet another friend from Oak Harbor Cassie…

But alas, I’m exhausted and a bit drunk… so hopefully this blog made sense, don’t stress me about the numerous tense changes, and I’ll be writing again soon.  Good night!

Figured this song would be appropriate… especially if you’ve ever seen one of my favorite movies The Warriors

Joe Walsh – “In The City”